Perfect Rhyme App Reviews

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Not acceptable

There are only very few words that really ryme shown and many words that dont fit the needs. Abslolute dissapointing The good thing is that the words are there very quick but if you cannot really use them ??? I wouldnt buy the APP again and searching for a better

Lousy App.

Says you need no internet connection, yet can not find a rhyming word for satiate... ( hate, crate, late, wait...?) Nothing! First word I put in. Seems like a pretty limited vocabulary. Hard to find a good rhyming dictionary that doesnt require wi-fi.. This is not one! Ill keep looking...

Its pretty good

But needs a new icon, the current one looks ugly with the rest of my apps.

Crashes every time I open

I give up. It initially worked well. Now, it crashes either the moment its opened or shortly after rhymes appear. Useless. Deleted and downloaded again - same deal. Useless.

Very disappointed - App DOES NOT Open!

I used to have this app a long time ago, installed on a different iphone that I no longer have. Years ago, when using this app, I remember loving it right from the start. As time passed, I found myself referencing the app frequently and for various reasons....until one day I just remember being gone. (I dont know how it was removed or if I myself had deleted it in error?). Now lets fast-forward a bit… Can you imagine my total surprise when I found the app that Ive been missing and searching for ever since !?? I was thrilled!!!! Without a moments hesitation, I immediately purchased the app ... But my overwhelming excitement was very short-lived! This app is NOT AT ALL the high performing, fun reference app it once was, years ago.b I wish I hadnt wasted my money gotten my hopes up. This app is crap!!! It does not load, it only crashes every time I try to access it! Ive even powered cycled my phone and tried to open the app afterwards but it does the same thing ...crashes! That is why i am going to delete the app only 30 minutes after I downloaded sorry, folks, this app is garbage!

App crashes constantly

This app was good when it worked, however, it constantly crashes. Wont even open.

Awesome to mess around!!!!

This thing is awesome to mess around! Its not only for music, but you can write the crazyiest rhyming poems as pick up lines. Hilarity guaranteed!

Best rhymer for songwriters

A great interface, simple to use and lots of results. I have been waiting for a tool like this for writing on the go. The results are extremely well organized by syllables. This is the best app of its kind and at 99 cents a real steal.

Great application!

Very handy, specially for composing songs and poetry. Much more words than other similar programs. I recommend!


I have never wrote a reveiw. Never felt the need! But when I can think of more words then this app. somethings wrong. 130,000 where :(

One thing left to do...

...and I promise more stars in the next review/a feature thatll be sick/ if when you do a search, tap any result,and "bam!" they rhyme quick/kinda like doing a new search/ so you can give song or poem lines a new birth/this app is tight, not many better/ Ill remember yall when I start makin plenty chedder!


I love it !It is the best!!!!!

Do not buy

I tried a test search for "apple". In the results were "schappell" & "shappell". Which are surnames and as useful as if I rhymed apple with "blapple". Also in the results was "apple" which signals little thought went in to building this app. By the way it did rhyme "App" with "crap".

Doesnt rhyme PERFECTLY

I looked up "in" and it said "been" and "in" rhyme with in. Hello?! Doesnt "pin", "bin"," fin", and "twin" rhyme with in?! Well, I thought so. Apperently not.

It sucked

I tried a couple of words tht were at the end of my poems and the stupidest rhymes came up and its so difficult to read it the words r big and smushed into a little amount of space definetly a waste of 99 cents.

A Songwriters "Must Have" Application!

As a career songwriter, I have carried a rhyming dictionary for a tool that can help get me out of trouble when I am stuck. I found myself without the book recently, having forgotten to pack it for a trip. Thats when I decided to see if I could find an app for my Touch. Lo and behold, there was Perfect Rhyme. This is the best and most valuable app I have yet found for my work. Intuitive, simple to use, jammed with useful stuff and less than a buck. Unbelievable! runs as smooth as silk. Every songwriter or poet with a Touch or iPhone should own Perfect Rhyme. Really! I am so thankful for this company and this wonderful reference tool. Thanks Eric! I owe you one!

Great app for songwriters

I love this app! Believe it or not it kinda helped clear my songwriters block! All songwriters that are out there should own this app, great help!

Trashy App


An identity is not a perfect rhyme!

Why would you name an app "Perfect Rhyme" when many of the "rhymes" that appear are not rhymes at all? All you have to do is take a look at the screen shot for this app on iTunes ... "love" and "belove" do NOT rhyme. They are identities - the consonant sound preceding the stressed syllable must be DIFFERENT. Like an idiot, I downloaded this app before looking carefully (and going by the rating it already received).


Very nice app. Best rhymer out there.

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